Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Writer's Fuel

Even coaches need inspiration. As I juggle myriad projects music helps motivate, inspire and soothe. Just what I listen to often depends on my mood, the pace of my schedule and the work itself. Today, I wrote a film review, radio comedy bits, edited a non-fiction how-to book and finished a chapter of the latest A.B. Sage mystery. Whoo!

Guess this classic Elton John-Bernie Taupin song--one of my faves from the heady days of adolescence which longed merely for the romanticism of an artistic career, leaving any practical considerations for a later, more sobering season--captures my hopeful, frenetic mood.

I can't speak for tomorrow. But today was a good day in the writing shop.

One word at a time, kid. One precious word at a time.

Need to make come creative changes personally or professionally? A coach can help motivate, inspire, keep you accountable to your goals and dreams. Let's start a creative conversation. The first session's on me.

Drive safe. Play nice. Think peace.



Todd Curl said...

....from the end of the world to your town.

About 15 years ago, I wore the hell out of this album on my turntable (yes, actual vinyl with a big picture book and the act of manually picking up a large disc and walking it over to a larger piece of audio equipment -- I'm too damn old).

I didn't play it to inspire my writing, because at that time -- in a fourth floor apartment in the Ghetto of Springfield, MA -- I was just trying to survive and figure out who the hell I was and where I was going.

Sorry for getting a bit off topic, but seeing that Album Cover brought back a flood of memories from the best and most destructive period of my young life. Inspiration for me is currently nothing tangible that I can readily identify -- just searching for words to piece together with and without abstract motivational forces.

Amy Beth Arkawy said...

I have the album on vinyl, too,so we can feel "too old" together. Thanks for the comment, Todd. Music is so easily embedded in our psyches. Such sweet power it holds!